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Zuzanna Czeczot is a talented and globally renowned PMU artist and trainer, specializing in machine hairstrokes. She is the founder of Z.BROWS PMU Academy, where she teaches students from all over the world the latest techniques in permanent makeup and laser treatments. With her exceptional skills and experience, she has mastered the art of machine hairstrokes and has helped thousands of clients achieve their desired look. This year, Zuzanna is excited to visit Ireland and share her knowledge with the students of M Academy. Be prepared to learn from one of the best in the industry and elevate your skills to the next level with her revolutionary hairstroke technique!

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Our vision is to empower PMU professionals to achieve their goals and dreams through expert training from the best in the industry.

We believe that with the right skills and knowledge, every artist can make a significant impact in the beauty industry.

That's why we are proud to bring Zuzanna Czeczot, a global PMU trainer and artist, to Ireland to teach her renowned Hairstroke technique.

Our aim is to provide our students with new Hairstroke techniques that they can use on their clients, and add another unique technique to their work.

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*Admission fee for this course is €1800*


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