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Maderm Pigments is the highest technology of organic pigments. What distinguishes them from other pigments is the fact that they are characterized by beautiful colors, and working on them is pure pleasure.

Thanks to the latest production techniques of German quality, Maderm pigments do not contain alcohol or iron oxides. This means that they do not stain to undesirable colors and because of the lack of alcohol in their composition do not evaporate, are more efficient and do not irritate the skin, and thus goes the healing process for customers is much shorter and more comfortable. The pigments were created in laboratory conditions - they have a LOT number, which means that they are sterile packed, and their particles are not contaminated in any way. They have also been tested and approved by the German Health Fund and the Council of Europe.


They have quality certificates such as:

  • Sterility statement according to CoE ResAP (2008) 1

  • Toxicological statement according to CoE ResAp (2008) 1


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