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Herbal peels are proof that nature has an extraordinary power. Bio herbal peeling, contains specially

selected,  pure herbs, algae, peppermint, calendula and lemon balm, which improve blood circulation,

revitalize the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect. What to expect from herbal peeling?

  • Reduces acne and acne scars 

  • Reduces bacteria and sebum

  • Removes dead keratin cells Reduces pigmentation and age spots

  • Deeply cleanses the skin Stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin Increases cellular reconstruction

  • Strengthens the skin Stimulates the production of new cells

  • Increases skin density Reduces fine and deep wrinkles

  • Improves blood circulation Stimulates cellular reconstruction

  • Rejuvenates the skin

Neoderma biopeeling has a double effect: mechanical and biological. The result is noticeable even after the first treatment. The essence of this treatment is centrifugal skin regeneration and peeling. Herbs in contact with the skin become intensely active and begin to: accelerate blood circulation penetrate deeply into the skin

strengthen its defensive properties

accelerate metabolism and the formation of new cells The peels regulate sebaceous glands, reducing sebum production, which is of great importance in the case of acne and oily skin. Thanks to this, after exfoliation, we have a new skin - freed from stains, scars, pimples, freckles, fine wrinkles and discoloration. Research on the procedure itself and the preparations used for it lasted from 1978 and proved that it did not show any side effects. The treatment is completely safe. Herbal mixture rubbed into the skin and causing its regeneration is phytoplankton with the addition of peppermint, calendula, melissa and other herbs. The set is supplemented with liposome products based on gels and microemulsions with the addition of vitamins A, C and. It is worth adding that vitamins C and E act as a powerful antioxidant, block the carcinogenic and aging effects of free radicals.

The power of skin peeling after using exfoliating herbs, can be compared to peeling after several microdermabrasion treatments. The treatment lasts about an hour, the first part is quite unpleasant - herbal massage. After the massage, the skin is smooth, tense but also hot. We can then relax and soothe the skin with a cold mask. Finally, a special, soothing gel is applied. The next day, the skin will will as if it is lifting off. The following day, it begins to dry out and a strong exfoliation effect occurs on the skin, which will last for another 3-5 days after the procedure. At this time, we only use mini cosmetics, which are provided by us after the procedure. Over the next 2-4 weeks, the skin renews and regenerates itself. The procedure is best performed on Wednesday, as the most amount of peeling will occur during the weekend.