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The Lumiderm device is an innovative apparatus used in carboxytherapy. Carboxytherapy uses carbon dioxide, also called „miraculous gas”, which is recognized by many specialists as the biggest breakthrough in aesthetic medicine.

Carboxytherapy’s additional advantage is high profitability of treatments and physiological safety of using CO2. 

Procedures do not require any recuperation period and can be performed regardless of season, insolation or the ambient temperature.


Lumiderm RF is a device, which uses endogenous heat which is produced in deeper skin layers thanks to radio waves emission. Basic program of Lumiderm RF causes, depending on length of procedure and its power, shortening and condensing of collagen or its partial denaturation.

With physiological age of skin, collagen fibers that are inside dermis undergo degradation, destruction or stretching and their protein structure become unarranged.


Lumiderm Oxy

Oxygen infusion procedure performed with Lumiderm Oxy device is based on injecting active substances under the skin with pure concentraded oxygen. Lumiderm Oxy is a symbiosis of two highly effective procedures – supplying highly concentrated preparates into the skin with conjuncutre of rejuvenating and youngening qualities of pure oxygen. It is currently one of the most advanced techniques performed in the world in cosmetology – it is an ideal counter-weight for heavy and invasive botox procedures.