Lumiderm RF

Lumiderm RF is a device, which uses endogenous heat which is produced in deeper skin layers thanks to radio waves emission. Basic program of Lumiderm RF causes, depending on length of procedure and its power, shortening and condensing of collagen or its partial denaturation.

With physiological age of skin, collagen fibers that are inside dermis undergo degradation, destruction or stretching and their protein structure become unarranged. Creating endogenous heat in the dermis causes re-tightening of collagen and fibroblasts stimulation, which are basic stem cells responsible for production of collagen and elastin. Producing heat in tissues additionally causes widening of blood vessels which betters skin oxidation and nutrition as well as its metabolism. All of the above causes the skin to be firmer and wrinkles to shallow..

Lumiderm RF device has been equipped with an advanced ATHD system (Automatic Treatment Head Detection) to forbid a person from performing a treatment with wrongly chosen Treatment Head or treatment paremeters. Thanks to this system safety as well as work comfort with a radiofrequency device colossally improves and causes that procedures flow smoothly and without pointless steps.

Additionally, the device uses unique, fully designed and manufactured in Poland unipolar treatment heads. Thanks to this one can be assured that the quality of the build is highest possible and the 3mm depth of induced warmth is selected and verified by the manufacturer and a number of studies.



• Intesification of skin fiber production conjoined with collagen induction
• Deep restructurization and widening of tissues
• Wrinkle and looseness reduction
• Instantaneous improvement in skin tone and vitality
• Tightening of skin pores and shallowing of scars
• Hair loss reduction
• Reduction of stretch marks



• Face area wrinkles
• Face shape correction
• Eye-area swelling reduction
• Double chin reduction
• Upper and lower eyelid corrections
• Fat tissue elimination
• Cellulite reduction
• Face and body skin tightening


• Designed and manufactured entirely in Poland
• Made out of resilient materials
• Intuitive touch-screen LCD control
• Possibility of using multiple technologies in a single procedure for the optimization of treatment effects
• Multiple programs enabling face, body and eyelids treatments
• Procedures with short recuperation periods
• Ability to perform procedures regardless of season, insolation and temperature
• High cost-effectiveness

Technical specifications

Lumiderm Radiofrequency procedures effects

RF Device 


RF roller head


RF electrode (pack of 4


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