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Lumiderm Oxy

Oxygen infusion procedure performed with Lumiderm Oxy device is based on injecting active substances under the skin with pure concentraded oxygen. Lumiderm Oxy is a symbiosis of two highly effective procedures – supplying highly concentrated preparates into the skin with conjuncutre of rejuvenating and youngening qualities of pure oxygen. It is currently one of the most advanced techniques performed in the world in cosmetology – it is an ideal counter-weight for heavy and invasive botox procedures.

By supplying active substances directly into the skin thanks to using compressed oxygen it is possible to immediately better the skin’s moistness. Even the shallowest and least visible wrinkles and imperfections react immediately to the supplied preparate consisting of many nutrient ingredients. Thanks to Lumiderm Oxy procedures skin becomes healthier is more elastic and delicate to the touch.


• Smoothening of area around the eyes
• Mimic wrinkles filling
• Face-shape lifting
• Lips filling
• Moistening on an intercellular level


• Less invasive botox alternative
• Anti-ageing properties
• Solution for detrimental loss in tissues elasticity
• Non-invasive rejuvenation
• Improvement in skin’s elasticity and tightness
• Skin’s lightening and rejuvenation


• Made out of resilient materials
• Possibility of using multiple technologies in a single procedure for the optimization of treatment effects
• Multiple programs enabling face and body treatments
• Procedures with no recuperation periods
• Ability to perform procedures regardless of season, insolation and temperature
• High cost-effectiveness

Technical specifications

Lumiderm Plasma procedures effects

Oxy Device 


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