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In this article, I will address many questions my clients normally ask before undergoing a microblading treatment.

1.When is it ideal to have a microblading treatment?

When your eyebrows are asymmetric, have a scar or a thinning zone, when they are malformed or thinning.

2.When is a microblading treatment not recommended?

Microblading should not be performed in these cases: 
• In pregnant women. 
• People with melanoma or skin cancer. 
• People with blood clotting problems.

3.Is microblading appropriate for my skin type?

We use different pigment tones to adapt for any skin type. During the design phase, it is of the utmost importance for the technician to know the client’s skin type to perform the appropriate treatment.

4.What is the difference between microblading and micropigmentation?

Microblading is a manual technique whereby the pigment is very superficially applied and the strokes are very natural while micropigmentation is performed with an electric pen machine that applies the pigment more deeply and the results are less natural than microblading.

5.How long is a session?

A microblading session could last two hours.

6.How long before I must retouch it?

Some retouch will be needed after 6 weeks days to readjust the color or the shape as the treatment normally requires two visits. 
The first to create the new eyebrow and the second to perfect the details.

7.How long will the treatment lasts?

A well-done microblading treatment should last between six to 18 months, then the color must be refreshed.

8.Is it painful?

If performed by an experienced professional, it is a totally painless treatment. We use several anesthetics to control the pain and make the client comfortable at any time during the treatment.

9.Can the pigments create allergies?

Allergies can occur if you are allergic to normal tint eyebrows

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