Lumiderm Aqua Peel

Lumiderm Aqua Peel


Lumiderm AquaPEEL is a device combining hydradermabrasion and hydrogen purification. The latest technologies use the power of hydrogen to perfectly cleanse and oxygenate dry and damaged skin. Thanks to the Lumiderm AquaPEEL device and the use of the water jet technique under increased pressure, the active hydrogen molecules deeply clean the skin cells and neutralize free radicals, which due to their structure destroy collagen fibers and, as a result, violate the skin's protective barrier. The low mass of the hydrogen molecule and its small size allow the element to reach deep skin structures. The treatment is accompanied by an electroporation process.

  • Advantages

    1. head for hydrogen purification,

    2. head for face radiofrequency, improves collagen synthesis and reduces wrinkles,

    3. cavitation peeling - removal of dead skin

    4. oxygen infusion - allows the injection of active substances into the deep layers of the skin

    5. ultrasound head, thanks to which the permeability of cell membranes is increased,

    6. cooling head - closes the skin pores