Lumiderm Carboxytherapy

Lumiderm Carboxytherapy


The Lumiderm device is an innovative apparatus used in carboxytherapy. Carboxytherapy uses carbon dioxide, also called „miraculous gas”, which is recognized by many specialists as the biggest breakthrough in aesthetic medicine.

Carboxytherapy’s additional advantage is high profitability of treatments and physiological safety of using CO2. 

Procedures do not require any recuperation period and can be performed regardless of season, insolation or the ambient temperature.

​Carbon dioxide therapy ties excellently and optimizes different procedures as well as does not collide with such procedures as botullinum toxin, fillers or laser-based procedures.



  • Advantages

    • Fully certified Polish device
    • Laparoscopic gas with medical certification
    • Made with resiliant materials
    • Intuitive controls through English, Polish or German menu
    • Precise, electronic dose control
    • Painlessness guaranteed by low gas stream velocity
    • Wide assortment of doses and stream velocities ensuring expected results
    • Built-in automatic vent system guaranteeing highest safety of the procedure
    • Ability to perform any technique (big deposits, mesotherapy)

  • Technical specifications

    Gas dose control Electronic, precise, between 1 and 75cc Count of gas used in a procedure
    Gas flow control • Needle 25G: 114 cc/min • Needle 27G: 91 cc/min • Needle 30G: 43 cc/min • Needle 32G: 17 cc/min
    Airlock protection Twofold: • automatic deaeration before a procedure • SlowFlow system
    Access control and rental support Count of procedure numbers and injections
    CO2 nominal working pressure 200 kPa (2 bar)
    Menu language English, German, Polish
    Continous working time 3,5 h
    Guaranteed life span 2 years or 100 000 injections (every 100 000 injections maintenance is recommended: replacing and calibrating some of the components)
    Weight Net weight: 1.550 g, Packaged device: 4.120 g
    Power supply 12V DC, max 1.500 mA