Lumiderm RF

Lumiderm RF


Lumiderm RF is a device, which uses endogenous heat which is produced in deeper skin layers thanks to radio waves emission. Basic program of Lumiderm RF causes, depending on length of procedure and its power, shortening and condensing of collagen or its partial denaturation.

With physiological age of skin, collagen fibers that are inside dermis undergo degradation, destruction or stretching and their protein structure become unarranged. Creating endogenous heat in the dermis causes re-tightening of collagen and fibroblasts stimulation, which are basic stem cells responsible for production of collagen and elastin. Producing heat in tissues additionally causes widening of blood vessels which betters skin oxidation and nutrition as well as its metabolism. All of the above causes the skin to be firmer and wrinkles to shallow.


  • Advantages

    • Designed and manufactured entirely in Poland
    • Made out of resilient materials
    • Intuitive touch-screen LCD control
    • Possibility of using multiple technologies in a single procedure for the optimization of treatment effects
    • Multiple programs enabling face, body and eyelids treatments
    • Procedures with short recuperation periods
    • Ability to perform procedures regardless of season, insolation and temperature
    • High cost-effectiveness

  • Technical specifications

    Dimensions 35 cm width x 25 cm depth x 9 cm height / weight: 4 kg
    Power supply 230 V, max 100 W
    Parameters Radio wave energy 50W, continous radio wave, radio wave frequency - 500kHz with modulated radio wave amplitude
    Warranty 24 months
    Country of origin Project and manufacturing: Poland
    Certificates Declaration of compliance with LVD (2006/95/WE) and EMC (2004/108/WE), currently externally tested for anti-shock protection required for achieving CE for medical appliance.