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Autologous procedure from the patient's own blood, using the synergy of the action of stem cells with structural fibrin.  A unique combination of two fractions in one treatment to rebuild skin tissue.  During the procedure, the doctor injects the selected area with a mixture of two fractions of the patient's own blood:


▪️I-PRF - Cellular Fibrin

 Cell fibrin is a concentrate of stem cells, growth factors and leukocytes, which stimulates the biological regeneration process of the skin tissue, initiating the regeneration process.


▪️ S-PRF - Structural Fibrin

 Structural fibrin is a three-dimensional frame for the newly created skin tissue.  It plays an important role as a carrier for stem cells, growth factors, cytokines and leukocytes.


 The treatment is 100% natural - no risk of intolerance, 100% safe - no allergies and 100% autologous - no calcium chlorine.


The Plasma Complex treatment is perfect for the comprehensive regeneration of body areas such as:








Regenerates the skin lacking firmness and elasticity with the simultaneous occurrence of deep wrinkles and furrows.  In addition, it is ideal as a treatment for rapid regeneration and healing of tissues after laser therapy, hair transplant and plastic surgery.

Stage I (5 minutes) - nurse takes an appropriate amount of blood (up to approx. 40 ml) from the patients vein in the elbow flexion in a sitting position.


Stage II (5-15 minutes) - depending on the type of fraction we want to obtain, we centrifuge the blood in a specialized centrifuge according to a precisely defined protocol.


Stage III (5-20 minutes) - administration of the obtained blood fraction by injection into the skin tissue by means of mesotherapy or linearly along the wrinkles.


▪️Taking aspirin and other NSAID painkillers

▪️Blood diseases, e.g. sepsis, critical thrombocytopenia, platelet dysfunction syndromes, fibro gene deficiency, haemodynamic instability

▪️Tumors.  The patient may be qualified for the procedure if at least 5 years have passed since the end of the treatment

▪️Leukemias, myelomas

▪️Pregnancy and lactation

▪️Treatment with anticoagulants

▪️Liver disease

▪️Acute states of autoimmune diseases




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