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A smooth, even complexion is a sought-after sign of youth and beauty. Unfortunately, uneven skin pigmentation is a common concern for many people. At M Academy, we offer several treatments to improve the appearance of dark spots, freckles, and age spots.



Sometimes it helps to give natural processes a little boost. Human skin is continually exfoliating, shedding dead cells and replacing them. But it doesn’t always do so as fast as we’d like. That’s when treatments such as chemical peels can accelerate the process.

​Periodic peeling of the skin helps stimulate cellular activity and can be used for addressing a variety of skin issues: from age spots to acne, enlarged pores to pre-cancerous growths. At M Academy we offer chemical peels that exfoliate either lightly, moderately, or aggressively depending on the chemical used.



Gen Factor is an innovative product used in medicine and cellular cosmetology, made for comprehensive reconstruction and regeneration of the skin. Supports the growth of cells and tissues by stimulating the formation of DNA. Under its influence, the skin begins to develop not only new collagen fibres, but also the entire tissue matrix, including extinguishing inflammation.



The Cosmelan® peel is a professional-grade mask that is applied by board certified cosmetologist Monika Matynia in M Academy. The mask is left in place for a number of hours (depending on the degree of pigmentation and skin type). The cream is easily removed at home by the patient, with a neutral gentle facial cleanser several hours later. Cosmelan® will produce an initial “peeling” of the skin, which will leave the skin smooth and dramatically decrease the signs of facial pigmentation. Cosmelan® is a simple and safe treatment with minimal downtime. 



LUMINESCENS® is the innovative game changer in depigmentation & whitening therapy, consisting of a complete MESOTHERAPY KIT and a HOME CREAM.

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