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Lightweight and handle perfectly suited to the hand give comfort and pleasure of work. Innovative acupuncture needles make the pigmentation procedure much more effective and less displeasing to the client.

The whole device is made of high-quality aluminium. Its digitally controlled touch screen is covered with glass which maintains adequate safety and hygiene of work.

Why choose Enigma ®

Easy to Use – Ergonomic pen-like design that emulates the feel and grip of a pen allowing comfortable and precise technique

Lightweight – Revolutionary feather light design, creating the perfect balance between control and accuracy

Powerful Machine – Equipped with powerful motor with advanced gearing system allowing smooth and consistent power output

Premium Design – Unique and elegant machine crafted by world-class designers

Great Build Quality – Made with the best material available in the market

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Enigma (1).JPG

Created to achieve masterful effects.

Body material: aluminium alloy

Machine speed: 8000 – 10000RPM

Needles Cartridges type: 1R / 3R / 5R / 3F / 5F / 7F / U9 / MTS12 / NANO Square

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