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Permanent make up is the introduction of pigment into the skin, more precisely between the epidermis and the dermis, with the help of a needle and a special device, or a small blade consisting of several needles and a special pen, which is called microblading or PHI brows.

There are many techniques, but all of them are called permanent makeup. 

Many years ago, permanent makeup was done exactly the same as a tattoo procedure would be. Often using black pigment. Therefore, sometimes among women who surround us, we can see the black-blue effect with a weird shape and shaved hair, which can be discouraging to us.

But .. everything, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology as well as permanent makeup is evolving. "In today's crazy world full of artificiality, we are still looking for solutions close to nature" Because. ,,,we are constantly looking for methods to expand our client's beauty naturally


There is always a fear that they won't be dark enough, thick enough, thin enough.... so If we reach for a solution, which is similar to a natural effect, if we do not want to have stamps for life 


We should also be aware that something that is NOT forever, must be done again after a while. Refresh or redo. To get the most natural effect, we work on pigments created for this, they are more delicate, safer for health, without heavy metals, without alcohol, which fades after time. Their intensity, retention and maintenance in the skin, depends on our body, health, hormones, medications etc. The list goes on I would like you to understand that this is not one permanent treatment for life. 

Often after a year, refreshment treatment is recommended.


Permanent makeup is an alternative to traditional makeup. It allows you to correct the lines of the lips, enhance them and fill them with any color. Permanent makeup is also used to correct eyebrows and eye lines. The lines on the eyelids can gently emphasize the lash lines, thanks to which the eyes will become clearer and the eyelashes will visually thicken. On the other hand, ladies who like strong, so-called The "cat's" eye will enjoy the intense color and flawless shape of their lines every day.


Permanent makeup guarantees a long-lasting beautifying effect. So that it emphasizes the natural beauty or corrects minor imperfections. Make-up should be in harmony with the natural features of the face, so the color, shade and intensity of the pigment should be carefully adjusted. Thanks to permanent makeup, your lips and eyes can look beautiful around the clock. You will save time in everyday make-up and get a perfect drawing that is impossible to make by yourself. But most of all, your eyes, eyebrows and lips will look beautiful in any situation

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