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Aquashine is a new anti-aging product of medical application that acts on three levels:

1.Reduces and prevent wrinkles and expression lines by relaxing the muscles, being an ideal treatment for patients with resistance to botulinum toxin, prolonging its effect.

2.Revitalizes the skin and improves its appearance, reducing small wrinkles and even acne scars.

3.Clarifies and brings luminosity to the skin. Prevents hyperpigmentation responsible for skin blemishes.


  • Wrinkles

  • Loss of skin firmness on the face, neck and cleavage

  • Slack skin

  • Dehydrated, dry and dull skin

  • Skin that requires intensive regeneration


  • Known allergy to hyaluronic acid

  • Certain autoimmune diseases

  • Tendency to produce keloids Infections within the treatment area

  • Active herpes

  • Pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding


The action of Aquashine is based on relaxing the facial muscles without blocking the neuromuscular conduction, so Aquashine does not work like botox, but aims at a similar effect - smoothing the skin and relaxing the facial muscles. The amino acid compounds used in it inhibit the secretion and transport of acetylcholine to nerve endings, which reduces contractions of mimic muscles. The smoothing effect is always very natural. Additionally, the peptides contained in the preparation nourish and regenerate the skin, slightly tightening it and improving its condition. Aquashine is a treatment between classic mesotherapy and botox - it smoothes wrinkles in a natural way and additionally improves the quality of the skin. Aquashine works gently, gradually relaxing mimic wrinkles. The preparation is administered by injection using the classic mesotherapy method.




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