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Hair carboxytherapy is an effective hair loss treatment based on the rebuilding of the cells of the scalp dermis. Carboxytherapy for the scalp effectively revitalizes it, strengthens and firms the area of ​​the bulbs, thanks to which it effectively strengthens their structure. Carboxytherapy for hair is a safe, non-invasive and painless procedure. What's more, it can be used at any age, and after the treatment, you can immediately return to your daily activities.


  • hair loss

  • hormonal alopecia

  • hair loss prevention

  • thinning and weakened hair

  • dull hair (loss of shine)

  • weakened, brittle and dry hair


Carboxytherapy is a hair loss treatment that involves the direct introduction of a thin needle into the skin with medical carbon dioxide, which causes the intended inflammation to start natural regeneration processes.

  • widens small blood vessels

  • stimulates the formation of new blood vessels

  • increases blood flow, which more effectively oxygenates and nourishes the hair follicles

  • increases the production of collagen and elastin

  • stimulates empty follicles to produce new hair


• Active bacterial, viral (herpes), fungal and parasitic diseases,

• Skin inflammation,

• Pregnancy and breastfeeding,

• Heart, lung, liver and kidney failure,

• Having had a stroke and myocardial infarction,

• Condition after organ transplant or removal,

• Blood diseases (e.g. anemia, haemophilia),

• Peripheral vascular diseases (e.g. atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis)

• Neoplastic diseases and a period of 5 years from their complete recovery,

• Epilepsy,

• Rheumatoid arthritis,

• Unstable diabetes and hypertension,

• Taking certain medications (e.g. blood thinners),

• Tendency to develop keloids,

• Increased body temperature.

Local contraindications for carboxytherapy are:

• Soft tissue fillers, botulinum toxin and threads are a contraindication in the treatment area,

• Endiometrosis and menstruation are a contraindication to procedures in the abdominal area,

Varicose veins are a contraindication to the procedure in the area of the lower limbs.


  • deep revitalization of the scalp

  • strengthening the hair follicles

  • reduction of hair loss

  • strengthening the hair structure

  • natural shine

  • hair thickening effect

  • acceleration of new hair growth

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