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The OVA Miracle Drop PRO color formula offers the ability to achieve a deeply vibrant and long-lasting color effect right from the initial pigmentation, which in turn reduces the need for excessive pigmentation. This is possible due to its exceptionally concentrated formula, enabling you to attain a rich and intense color in a significantly shorter pigmentation time. OVA Miracle Drop PRO is versatile, making it ideal for various techniques and perfect for creating beautiful powdered finishes.

The carefully selected pigment composition minimizes color fading, preventing it from turning into warm salmon tones. For those with less experience, it's advisable to blend these pigments with a product that reduces their intensity. During application, it's essential to minimize color exfoliation to prevent excessive pigmentation. If you desire a cooler effect after healing, leaning towards gray or graphite tones, opt for warmer shades.



comprises six colors that can help you achieve a stunning makeup effect. These hybrid pigments deliver intensified, highly saturated colors with exceptional opacity, ensuring that no unwanted orange hues appear. Additionally, their lightweight, liquid consistency enhances the overall comfort while working with various techniques.



comprises seven exquisite colors, categorized into three distinct lines. By blending Drop of Light and Drop of Elegant, you can custom-create shades that harmonize perfectly with your clients' skin tones, accentuating their beauty. With MIRACLE DROP PRO LIPS, you're not confined to predefined recipes; instead, you're invited to explore a realm of limitless color possibilities.


Within the Drop of Light line, you'll find shades 2.1 and 2.2, both offering delicately nuanced hues with a robust, non-translucent base. These shades are perfect for crafting your unique color combinations and lightening more intense tones.

 The Drop of Casual range includes shades 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6, designed to achieve an everyday look that blends sophisticated elegance with a natural aesthetic.

 Lastly, there's Drop of Elegant shade 2.7, known for delivering intensely pigmented, captivating lips with a touch of grandeur. Pigments from this series complement shades from the Drop of Light line beautifully. Get creative, experiment with colors, and build your own enchanting lip color palette using OVA Miracle Drop PRO.



This product line was designed with the aim of achieving beautifully enriched and naturally vibrant lips with a satin-like finish. The Gentle Drop lip pigments provide linergists the freedom to craft lip effects resembling subtle pixels, ensuring precise control at every stage of the pigmentation process. The unique formula, which minimizes the presence of white pigment or even excludes it in certain colors, allows you to create a watercolor-like effect. You have the flexibility to intensify this effect until you attain the desired level of saturation without ending up with a matte lipstick-like result.

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