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Needle mesotherapy of the scalp involves injecting with a needle. Appropriate healing substances are injected into the scalp to strengthen the bulbs and nourish the hair. Scalp mesotherapy stops the hair loss process. Mesotherapy also helps hair regrowth. The cocktail administered in scalp mesotherapy uses active substances: vitamins, zinc, nucleic acids, coenzymes and extremely valuable amino acids (so-called biomimeptic peptides and growth factors).

For therapeutic injections, platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient's own blood and stem cells obtained from the patient's own adipose tissue are also used.


  • Androgenic alopecia

  • Hair loss,

  • Alopecia

  • Weakened hair (e.g., after illness, anesthesia, pregnancy)


Needle mesotherapy is an effective nourishing therapy for the skin. In this case, it is about the scalp but the principle of treatment is the same. The treatment consists in injecting individually selected nutrients directly into the skin. Because the preparation is injected, it does not stay on the epidermis, but goes directly to where it is needed. This makes scalp needle mesotherapy much more effective than using any cosmetics for hair loss.


  • improves microcirculation in the scalp,

  • stimulates collagen synthesis and tones the skin,

  • provides in-depth hydration and nourishment,

  • strengthens hair bulbs preventing their loss,

  • accelerates the natural process of hair growth,

  • accelerates the regrowth of missing hair,

  • strengthens and thickens the strands,

  • eliminates many other scalp problems.


  • allergies,

  • pregnancy,

  • breastfeeding,

  • cancers,

  • inflammatory changes,

  • taking anticoagulants,

  • diabetes,

  • inflammation and purulent conditions on the skin,

  • herpes.


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