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Wavy Hairdo


Dr. Cyj Hair Filler is an innovative peptide treatment used in the treatment of hair problems. The preparation contains seven peptides combined with hyaluronic acid. The innovation of the treatment lies in the patented technology - prolonged release of the active substance, which means that the preparation works for another 14 days after its application. It inhibits hair loss and intensively accelerates the regrowth of new ones by stimulating circulation and revitalizing hair follicles. The hair that grows back is thicker and denser.
The first effects are visible just 15 days after starting a series of 4 treatments that make up a complete treatment program. It is recommended to maintain a two-week break between individual sessions. 
During the therapy, it is forbidden to consume alcohol, which inhibits the effect of the product, thus negatively affecting the results obtained.


The duration of a single treatment is approximately 20-30 minutes. It involves introducing a special product into the scalp by injection using a thin needle from a pre-filled syringe. Compared to traditional mesotherapy, it requires fewer punctures. The procedure is not painful and does not require the use of aneaesthetic. A small amount of the product is administered, which makes it hardly noticeable on the scalp


  • Stress-related hair loss

  • Androgenetic alopecia

  • Seasonal increase in hair loss

  • Thin hair

  • People after hair transplant


  • Allergy to the ingredients contained in the product

  • Cancer

  • Inflammation of the scalp

  • Open scalp wounds

  • Uncontrolled diabetes

  • Rheumatic diseases

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding


  • Local microcirculation stimulation.

  • Edema resorption.

  • Lipolysis stimulation.

  • Increasing skin elasticity (collagen production).

  • Elimination of cellulite by breaking down fat cells and visibly reducing the body circumference.

  • Less visibility of scars and stretch marks.




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