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Gen Factor is an innovative product used in medicine and cellular cosmetology, made for comprehensive reconstruction and regeneration of the skin. Supports the growth of cells and tissues by stimulating the formation of DNA. Under its influence, the skin begins to develop not only new collagen fibres, but also the entire tissue matrix, including extinguishing inflammation.


The creator of this product is a group of Polish scientists led by Dr. Wojciech Karwowski, a specialist in the field of tissue and biomedical bioengineering.


Gen Factor is a product for the modulation of inflammation. The product has a documented effect on anti-aging therapy, acne, difficult to heal wounds (e.g. burns, ulcers), acne scars, burn scars, tissue defects, stretch marks, etc.


Many years of research in tissue engineering laboratories have shown the high effectiveness of  Gen Factor.

  • immunomodulating proteins,

  • bacteriostatic substances,

  • peptides,

  • enzymes,

  • polyamides,

  • derivatives of nucleic acids and amino acids

  • a unique set of vitamins and minerals.


Gen Factor therapy consists of applying the product to previously damaged tissue or initiating this damage during a treatment, thus initiating an intensive regeneration process. It is widely used with the use of apparatus and combined therapies.


Treatment frequency:

It is recommended to perform a series of 3-6 treatments with the frequency of:

- acne and skin diseases therapy - every 7-14 days, 

- anti-aging and scar reduction therapy - every 21-30 days



  • densification of the skin of the face and body after the first treatment by more than 20%

  • reduction of scars and stretch marks,

  • reduction of discolouration,

  • regeneration of the epidermis after invasive aesthetic medicine procedures,

  • soothing effects in inflammations, eczema, psoriasis and acne lesions,

  • antiseptic, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties,

  • normalisation of the healing processes of deep epidermal lesions,

  • alleviating allergic conditions,

  • stimulation of the skin's immune system,

  • stimulating gene expression.


The condition for the success of the therapy is strict adherence to the post-treatment recommendations and home care only recommended by a cosmetologist!


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,

  • autoimmune diseases,

  • decompensated diabetes,

  • neoplastic disease and up to 5 years after the end of treatment.


Gen Factor treatment 


Gen Factor with micro-needling/needle RF/ mesotherapy


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