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HIFU is a technology that is perfect for a non-invasive face lift treatment. The name is an abbreviation of high intensity focused ultrasound, which means a focused beam of high intensity ultrasound waves. This highly concentrated beam of ultrasound energy is delivered to the deep layers of the skin and by causing the cells to vibrate, it warms them up to a temperature of 60-70 C, which leads to tissue shrinkage and effective collagen remodeling.

Acoustic energy penetrates much deeper into tissues compared to laser energy or radio waves. During the HIFU treatment, the surface of the skin remains intact, and in the deeper layer of the skin intensive regeneration and reconstruction processes take place thanks to the action of a concentrated dose of energy. Intensive production of new, improved collagen takes place, i.e. skin firming, improved tension and natural lifting. The treatment is comfortable, very effective, does not require anesthesia. Proven effectiveness in removing wrinkles, lifting eyebrows, skin tightening, modeling the face and eliminating skin sagging.


• forehead

• the area under the eyes

• Crow's feet

• cheeks

• wrinkles around the lips

• double chin

• decolletage

• hanging arms, the so-called "Pelicans"

• loose skin on the abdomen

• loose skin on the buttocks

• loose skin on the thighs

• knee area


• pregnancy and lactation

• childhood age

• epilepsy

• open wounds

• lesions at the site of action

• metal stents

• bioabsorbable mechanical implants

• implanted electrical devices

• anticoagulant therapy

• active systemic disease that may affect regeneration, hemorrhagic disorders or hemostatic dysfunctions


The effects of the treatment last, depending on the individual characteristics of the clients and the properties of their skin, usually for about 2 years. Immediately after the treatment, there is a noticeable skin tension, the facelift begins approx. 30 days after the treatment and lasts up to approx. 90 days after the treatment.


  • local sensitivity and tenderness immediately after the treatment, which may be caused by damage to local blood vessels

  • the treated area may become red, which usually disappears several minutes after the treatment

  • feeling itchy and numb because of irritation of the local nerves

  • feeling of discomfort: during the emission of ultrasounds


Hifu Full face


Hifu Half face


Hifu Full face & Chin


Hifu Full face & Neck


Hifu chin


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