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Therapy with JALUPRO products effectively nourishes tissues after invasive therapies. It has found its way in the fight against scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. JALUPRO Amino Acid Replacement Therapy can be used both on the face and the whole body.



  • Long-term stimulation of receptors in skin cells,

  • Improving the density and elasticity of the skin and nourishing its cells,

  • Stimulating skin cells to multiply,

  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis and reduction of the rate of its degradation,

  • Reduction of wrinkles,

  • Long-lasting moisturizing,

  • Improving the tissue filling effect,

  • Acceleration of the healing processes


  • Deep wrinkles on the face, neck and cleavage - skin with signs of aging and photoaging,

  • Loss of firmness and volume of the cheeks, backs of the hands, skin above the knees and the shoulder area, on the inner thighs and abdomen,

  • Skin lacking radiance, dry and tired,

  • Stretch marks,

  • Scars and keloids,

  • The preparation can also be used as a skin nourishing therapy before and after invasive aesthetic treatments, e.g. peelings or laser therapies


  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • The presence of other diseases (autoimmune diseases, diabetes, liver and kidney failure or heart disease)

  • The use of permanent bulking agents in the past

  • Condition after oncological treatment (6 months after the end of treatment)

  • Viral or bacterial infections

  • Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids (both topical and systemic)




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