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Karisma is one of the best methods that fit the modern "natural look" trend!

What is Karisma?

One of the most interesting treatments is Karisma Biostimulator, which naturally rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin with a slight lifting effect. This is a perfect solution for people who are not convinced about using a strong facelift. The biostimulator is able to restore a younger appearance to the face, but without going to extreme measures.


Effects are certainly very natural - after all, we are dealing with a new generation stimulator that provides the skin with effective bioregeneration. So what can we expect? The most important benefits include:

•    acceleration of the growth of new cells,
•    better tissue regeneration and healing,
•    hypoallergenic,
•    improvement of skin structure, firmness and elasticity,
•    tightening the skin and dealing with its laxity,
•    better facial contour,
•    deep hydration not only of the epidermis, but also of the deeper parts of the skin,
•    eliminating small wrinkles and imperfections,
•    color alignment,
•    improving the synthesis of collagen fibers.

Karisma is one of the so-called soft fillers and is able to fill fine wrinkles, firm the skin and improve the face oval. However, unlike permanent fillers or traditional hyaluronic acid, it works extremely naturally without excessive "inflation". It improves your lifestyle and skin quality.


The procedure is extremely minimally invasive, and the preparation is introduced using a thin needle or cannula. Anaesthetic is not required.


After the procedure, you can return to your duties almost immediately and no recovery time is required. As you can see, Karisma is a convenient way to improve the condition of the skin, reduce imperfections and obtain a younger appearance.


  • Certain autoimmune diseases

  • Tendency to produce keloids

  • infections within the treatment area

  • Active herpes

  • Pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding




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