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Kobido massage comes from Japan. This highly effective technique covers the face, shoulders and neck and is considered as an alternative to many aesthetic medicine treatments. It is lymphatic drainage and a lifting face massage. During its implementation, the specialist focuses on the elimination of tensions and restoring the functions of the muscles. We observe a huge variety of techniques and their intensity. This is of great importance as it allows the deeper layers of the skin, muscles and the nervous system to be stimulated. At this stage, there is talk of an increase in energy flow, which gives the effect of a natural lifting and allows for a younger appearance.


Such deep tissue massage allows you to observe the results after the first session, but to maintain them, the treatments should be repeated in a cycle agreed with the therapist, but not too often. Importantly, we can count on relaxation. The masseur will focus on the muscles of the shoulders, neckline, neck, head and face.


This treatment consists of several successive stages. These are quite quick and intense movements that, at first, may cause a slight discomfort. The first stage of the treatment allows for the effective removal of muscle tensions, which leads to the smoothing of fine expression lines. The second stage is relaxing the muscles that remain tense as a result of the accumulated emotions. It is usually followed by a very important stage - lymphatic drainage.


Only after all these intense stages can the main part of the treatment begin, i.e. the lifting and modeling stage. The final stage is acupressure and the obligatory to wake up and cool the heated tissue with salt ball massage. At the customer's request, at the end, kinesiotaping (aesthetic taping) is used, i.e. covering parts of the face with kinesiological tapes to strengthen and extend the effects of the treatment.


  • improves the appearance of the face and the condition of the skin

  • leads to a reduction in muscle tension

  • better oxygenation and nourishment of the skin

  • non-invasive facelift and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging

This is achieved, among others, thanks to stimulating the skin to produce collagen and elastin. It can certainly be said that it is primarily a rejuvenating facial massage but it also allows you to reduce the feeling of stress. In addition, if it is properly performed, the nagging headaches will disappear, and the digestive system will improve.


It is a completely non-invasive procedure. Therefore, all the contraindications listed in this case can be described as relative, which means that after a certain time they pass and you can use the massage. Such contraindications include:


  • condition after tooth extraction,

  • inflammation and purulent inflammation around the gums,

  • acute inflammation of the body,

  • if we have undergone laser treatments or mesotherapy, then massage should be avoided until the inflammation has healed,

  • 4-6 weeks should be waited after using fillers,

  • 2-3 weeks after botox treatment,

  • at least 6 months after PDO thread treatment.




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