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Injection lipolysis is a non-invasive body contouring involving the injection of a substance that eliminates fat cells. As a result, cells dissolve, the released fats are broken down in the metabolic process and excreted from the body.


Lipolysis is currently the most modern method in aesthetic medicine, which allows for non-surgical, permanent and effective reduction of body fat.


The indications for the treatment is local body fat. Lipolysis is most often performed in the area of excessive accumulation of fatty tissue: chin, abdomen, 'belly', thighs and buttocks, around the armpits, above the knees area.


Thanks to the use of very thin needles, the procedure is very well tolerated by patients. First the skin is disinfected, then the product is injected into the marked areas with a very thin needle. Redness and a burning sensation appear at the injection area, which disappears quickly.

After the treatment, there may be swelling and persistent painful and burning, redness, itching or small bruises. These are typical and normal symptoms of fat cell breakdown. After the treatment, you can immediately return to full activity. Treatments are repeated on average 2-3 times at intervals of several weeks depending on the amount of adipose tissue. Sometimes one treatment is enough.


Loss of a few cm in circumference at the injection site,

  • Better metabolism of skin cells,

  • Better microcirculation,

  • Stimulation of skin regeneration,

  • Better skin nourishment


  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding,

  • Blood coagulation disorders,

  • Epilepsy and liver and kidney diseases,

  • Active skin infections at the injection site,

  • Allergy to the ingredients of the preparation,

  • Obesity



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