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6.5 Aventurine GENTLE DROP LIPS 5 ml

6.5 Aventurine GENTLE DROP LIPS 5 ml

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Aventurine is a deeply saturated, subdued red-pink hue that, post-healing, achieves a sophisticated dusty pink appearance reminiscent of the naturally deeper shades of lip red. When applied with gentle pigmentation techniques and reduced color saturation, Aventurine's formula empowers you to create exceedingly natural and subtle lip effects.

Colour: dark powder pink slightly enriched with red
Color: cool base
Intensity: high
Area: lips
Technique: contourless, light
Additional features:
Comments: quite dark
Capacity: 5 ml

Remember! The colors from the Ova Gentle drop lip line lose their intensity and brightness when healed. The color descriptions refer to the color of the healed pigmentation. REACH compliant pigments.

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