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Brow & Body Butter

Brow & Body Butter

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box of 20 pcs


Our balm boasts a unique composition that enhances the micropigmentation process on both facial and body skin. What sets it apart is the inclusion of a natural SPF filter, providing protection against harmful UV rays. Additionally, the OVA balm significantly improves the treatment's quality and reduces its duration. It strengthens the skin, provides moisture, and enhances pigment absorption, facilitating a smoother pigment distribution process. Carefully chosen ingredients, harnessing the unique power of An'tamanu™, expedite healing, alleviate discomfort, and serve as an antiseptic. The balm's lightweight formula ensures proper post-treatment care during the regeneration process.


We all appreciate the sun's positive effects on our well-being, but in the realm of cosmetics, UV rays are less favorable. Our lotion incorporates a natural SPF filter, a shield against the sun's UV rays, allowing you to pamper your clients without the need for additional filter applications. OVA balm not only supports the pigmentation process on the face and body but also provides effective protection. It adds an extra layer of convenience by making the process smoother and more efficient. Following its application, the skin gains strength, moisture, and increased absorbency, streamlining pigment distribution. Thoughtfully blended with the soothing power of An'tamanu™, it accelerates healing, provides relief, and acts as an antiseptic. Clients appreciate its lightweight formula, ensuring it's a comfortable addition to their post-treatment care routine.


Capacity: 2ml

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