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Brush OVA white

Brush OVA white

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-angled 6mm

-angled 10mm

-flat 6mm

-half oval 6mm


Versatility and Precision: the Artistic Essential Duo. This is a versatile tool that's a must-have for permanent makeup artists.



- Comes with two types of tips: oblique and flat.

- Available in two widths: 6 mm and 10 mm.

- Equipped with dense, compact synthetic bristles, making them ideal for creating permanent makeup.


The precision of the cut results in extremely thin lines, which are perfect for fine-tuning the design. The optimal length and firmness of the bristles, along with a well-balanced handle, enable high-precision work. OVA brushes are also favored by brow specialists for their effectiveness in applying and cleaning henna. Their versatility extends to working with white paste and applying concealer, making them a valuable tool for various purposes."

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