Created to achieve masterful effects.

Extremely quiet and delicate.

Lightweight and handle perfectly suited to the hand give comfort and pleasure of work.

Innovative acupuncture needles make the pigmentation procedure much more effective and less displeasing to the client.

The whole device is made of high-quality aluminium. Its digitally controlled touch screen is covered with glass which maintains adequate safety and hygiene of work.


Function: special permanent make up machine


Body material: aluminium alloy


Machine current: 600MA


Machine speed: 8000 – 10000RPM


Handpiece specification: wide 18MM, height 92MM


Panel specifications: length 204MM, wide 119MM, height 31MM


Net weight: panel 439g, handpiece: 70g, total net weight: 570h


Voltage: input voltage: 110-220V, output voltage: 2.7V – 12V


Uses: suitable for eyebrow