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Laser Venice

Laser Venice

Sales Tax Included

including training

Expected to ship within 2 - 4 weeks


The Venice pro-Pico laser is a device that uses a picosecond impulse, which is many times shorter than a nanosecond impulse. The advantage of picosecond lasers is less strain on the skin, thus reducing the risk of burns. Additionally, a faster photoacoustic beam shatters pigment molecules into much smaller pieces than with a nanosecond laser, allowing for faster metabolism of unwanted pigment. Working with a picosecond laser typically results in twice as fast results in removing unwanted tattoos and permanent makeup. A faster light beam is also less noticeable to clients during the procedure. The price includes laser operation training.


Application of Q-Switched

Removal of tattoos, permanent makeup - lens with a wavelength of 1064nm - black, navy blue, graphite color - lens with a wavelength of 532nm - red, brown color


Removal of skin spots, dark moles, congenital moles, Ota's nevi


Carbon peeling - carbon peeling - lens with a wavelength of 1320nm – carbon peeling Nd-Yag


Q-Switched Laser The picosecond Q-Switched laser emits picosecond impulses, thus emitting a much higher energy density than a nanosecond laser.


During the treatment, there is a photochemical, selective breakdown of the pigment into smaller particles due to the fast pace of energy delivery by the laser. Fragments of pigment molecules are eliminated from the skin in the process of phagocytosis. The Q-Switched laser, thanks to the appropriate filters for tattoo removal, uses waves of 1064nm and 532nm lengths.




-removes black, graphite color

-removes red, teal color

-removes yellow, green color

-has the function of a white doll (freckles, discolorations, rejuvenates the skin)

-carbon peel


In the set

5 heads focusing the light beam, 1064nm, 532nm, 755 for white doll, yellow color, and freckles as well as for carbon peeling


Protective glasses for you and the client


Control pedal


Water funnel Technical data CE SFDA ISO13485:2016 Certificate Wavelength 532nm, 1064nm, 755nm Laser pulse power: 100-2000mJ Frequency: 1-10Hz Voltage: 500V-1000V Spot field: 1-8 mm2 Cooling type: water circulation + air cooling Colour touch screen


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