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Lip Butter

Lip Butter

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box of 20 pcs


Drawing from extensive research and years of experience, we've crafted a product designed to perfectly moisturize, soothe, and rejuvenate the skin immediately following treatment. Our OVA butter, formulated with the essence of An'tamanu™, derived from Tamanu and Andiroba oils, offers a comprehensive solution for the delicate lip skin. It provides protection against potential infections, alleviates discomfort, and significantly expedites the regeneration process. Our carefully selected ingredients ensure safe application directly onto the open epidermis.


When applied, this butter not only enhances pigment implantation but also maintains the color's vibrancy and uniformity. Directly after treatment, it imparts a glossy and full-lip effect, making it the perfect moment to capture the results in photos.


We proudly present this exceptional lip butter, the result of years of specialized research and the expertise of linergists. Our formula, enriched with the essence of An'tamanu™ derived from Tamanu and Andiroba oils, delivers a multifaceted solution for delicate skin. It not only guards against infections but also relieves discomfort and significantly expedites the healing process. You can confidently apply this butter directly onto your client's lips post-treatment. It offers a soothing effect, leaving the lips with a beautiful, radiant sheen and a mirror-like finish. It's the ideal final touch that begs for a photo. So go ahead, and rest assured, the results will be flawless!

Capacity: 2ml

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