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Microblading Blade 18U Pin Needles

Microblading Blade 18U Pin Needles

Sales Tax Included

·        SAFE & DURABLE: The material is made of medical-grade stainless steel and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.
·        HIGH QUALITY: Sharp and flexible needles have excellent stability and less vibration to make the eyebrow line beautiful.
·        COMMON USE: This product can be used with paste pigment of different colours; excellent for eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip colour, scar camouflaging reconstruction and tattooing; for all microblading pens.
·        INDIVIDUALLY PACKED in a closed, sterile blister.

The goods are sent to the address indicated in the order form or given by phone or by email.

The goods are delivered by courier companies or via Anpost.

In some cases, there is a possibility of personal collection of goods at the seller's premises.


M Academy reserves the right to extend the shipping time for technical and other reasons.

M Academy is not liable for damage or loss of a shipment in transit.


Deliveries during busy periods of adverse weather conditions ​


At periods of seasonal high demand, or during adverse weather conditions, delivery deadlines may be missed or delayed. We will organise and ship your goods in accordance with your delivery deadline.

The items will be despatched using a 3rd party courier and we will be able to provide documentary evidence for this. If the delivery is not achieved for whatever 3rd party reason,


M Academy will not be responsible for refund of any form. We will attempt to recover costs and expenses from our 3rd party delivery companies, but cannot guarantee any delivery or refund in these instances.


M Academy will not be liable for any loss or expenses sustained arising from any delay or failure in the delivery of the goods

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