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Comprehensive Training's for
Beginner & Experienced Beauticians at All Levels.




M Academy is located in Co.Meath and we are proud to be the best in the region, with a focus on our students' success. Our training programs cover a variety of areas, such as

  • PMU Brows for Beginners & Masterclass

  • PMU Lips for Beginners & Masterclass

  • Velvet Brows Beginners & Masterclass

  • PMU Remover 

  • LA Brow Henna 

  • Brows and Lash Lamination

  • RF Micro-needling

  • Aesthetic Medicine

  • Workshops - With World Class PMU Artists & Doctors


Additionally, we offer various workshops that are carried out by Monika or World's Leading Artists/Doctors to help you improve your current skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

At M Academy, we believe in providing our students with a personalised learning experience. That's why we limit our maximum group size to just four people, ensuring that you receive the one-to-one attention you need to succeed.


Our courses are led by Monika, an experienced and highly skilled beauty trainer who is dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals.

We understand that choosing the right training program is an important decision, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you are a beginner looking to develop your skills, or an experienced beautician seeking to expand your knowledge, we have the course or workshop to help you achieve your goals.

At M Academy, we take pride in helping our students become the best they can be.

Take a look inside M Academy and see for yourself. 

About Monika & M Academy

Monika Matynia is a true pioneer in the world of permanent makeup artistry.


Her impressive list of accomplishments and accolades have earned her a reputation as one of the most esteemed PMU artists in Ireland, and a sought-after international PMU trainer for both beginners and advanced artists.


and Enigma...


Monika is the founder and owner of M-Academy, one of the leading PMU Academies in Ireland, and a brand creator of ENIGMA - a line of professional pigments, devices and accessories designed for the permanent makeup industry.


Her commitment to excellence and innovation has earned her a prominent place in the industry.


_MG_2113 copy.jpg

Recognized specialist in the world

As an expert in her field, Monika has participated in congresses and conferences all over the world, sharing her expertise and knowledge with others. She is the author of her own permanent makeup techniques, such as Velvet Brows and M Brows, which have gained a strong following among both clients and fellow artists alike.



Cooperation with well-known specialists

Monika's multi-award-winning school, M-Academy, located in Navan, Co.Meath, provides certification and training at the highest level, with a strong emphasis on creating a friendly, intimate setting that encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The Academy periodically hosts well-known specialists from various industries, including the beauty sector and social media, providing students with a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.


Passion, ambition and experience

Monika's passion for excellence and deep desire to help other permanent makeup artists refine their skills and techniques has led her to train countless talented PMU artists across the world. Her ambition, combined with her talent and experience, make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to excel in the permanent makeup industry.


Training Academy of the Year_edited.jpg
We have the honor to host the best training in Ireland !


Dr. Chris Gojdz, a renowned practitioner in Aesthetic medicine, possesses exceptional knowledge in the field of aesthetics and is also a remarkable educator. Additionally, he has the privilege of being the personal aesthetician to the famous celebrity, Paris Hilton, which is a testament to his expertise in the area.

Board Certified Medical Doctor, PhD, Faculty American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. REVIVE CLINIC



Magdalena Mazurek is a highly respected International teacher, speaker, and judge known for her exceptional expertise and contributions to the field of education. Her extensive knowledge and passion for teaching have made her a renowned figure in the education industry.



Zuzanna Czeczot is a world-renowned PMU trainer, machine hairstrokes master, and artist. As the founder of Z.BROWS - PMU Academy, she has dedicated her career to the art of permanent makeup and laser treatments. With her years of experience and expertise in the industry, Zuzanna has become a sought-after trainer and has trained professionals worldwide. Her passion for the art of beauty is evident in her commitment to providing the highest quality education and services to her clients.


Discover the Benefits of Becoming a Beauty Industry Professional

High Demand

The beauty industry is expected to continue its growth in the coming years due to the increasing demand for long-lasting and low-maintenance beauty solutions.

Job Satisfaction

Assisting clients to feel more self-assured and attractive can be a highly satisfying experience.

Growing Industry

The Beauty industry is experiencing significant growth due to increasing demand for low-maintenance beauty solutions. This growth has led to an expansion of services and job opportunities in the industry.

Increased Earning Potential

The beauty industry is currently witnessing a surge in demand for services such as Brows & Lashes and permanent makeup, making it a favourable time to invest in your education and pursue a career in this field.


M Academy always provides chances for students to enhance their skills and refine their techniques.


Your Journey to Success: What You'll Gain from Our Expert Course Training!

Gain confidence in your skills and abilities in the Beauty Industry

Learn and perfect techniques and methods from each course

Expand your knowledge and understanding of skin structure and anatomy

Get experience with different types of  devices, needles and equipment and techniques relevant to your course

Master brow mapping and Ombre & Powder Brows techniques

Understand the consultation process, contraindications, and post-care recommendations

Learn marketing tips to help you grow your business and attract clients

Receive unlimited support from our team after the course completion

Gain access to a group of other PMU artists & Beauticians for networking and support

Stay informed about events in the PMU Industry & Beauty niche and keep up with the latest trends

Boost your career and increase your earning potential with your new skills and knowledge

Enjoy the convenience of available 1-2-1 coaching

Receive an ABT / AIT Accreditation, making you eligible for insurance

Receive a starter kit for PMU, Brow Henna & Lash Lamination courses (Free Starter Kit Relevant to Course)

Take a look inside our courses!

Monika Matynia

Beauty Industry Specialist


Marta Kalinowska

Beauty Salon Manager & Cosmetologist

What our Students Say?

Patrycja Figurska - INK BEAUTY

  • Facebook

Hi everyone, my name is Patrycja Figurska  I’m a permanent makeup artist and founder of INK Beauty.
I’ve decided to share a few words with you about M academy which was named the best training academy in Ireland in 2023.
And for many of you, it may not be news that Monika Matynia is the best mentor.
The girls I’ve met can definitely confirm this.
Monika makes sure that I’m always on the right track and she knows that my success will also be her success. She shares her knowledge and rich experiences in the industry.
Always extends a helping hand and helps find the right solutions to any problem. So, if you are wondering whose side you would like to spread your wings,
My advice and experiences which change my life ,is to choose the best academy in Ireland
M Academy.

Patrycja xx


Anna T.P - ATP My Beauty Factory

  • Facebook

My name is Anna Toczek Prześlica. Im a Beauty Therapist at ATP My Beauty Factory Permanent Makeup and Skin Care Clinic

A few years ago I decided to expand my offer with Permanent Makeup procedures. One of my first PMU trainings was training at M Academy with Monika Matynia in Navan. This is how my PMU  adventure began, and  I loved it with all my heart. At M Academy  I have already trained several times in various treatments, wanting to develop even more and Monika was perfectly able to pass this knowledge on. However, the most important thing is that after the trainings we have really great support from Monika. She never leaves us without answers, and if we have any doubts and need advice, she is always there for us. I highly recommend M Academy, I think Monika is a great and professional trainer.  Thanks to M Academy, I love to emphasise the beauty of my clients with permanent makeup of eyebrows and lips.


Agnieszka Woznica - Nails & Brows By Agi

  • Facebook

Hi everyone. My name is Agnieszka Woznica. I am currently running a beauty salon in Sligo.

I have attended M Academy , for brow training and this has changed my life. 

MONIKA is not only very talented PMU liner-gist, that works with passion and perfectionism, she is also the best tutor : shares her knowledge and experience with students, teach them how to perform treatments to the highest standards 

Always ready to help , coaching former trainees at all times to make sure that they work to the best of their ability and with all of that, she's nothing but a kind and caring person. If you are starting off as a PMU Artist , you are in good hands with Monika!


Jagoda Czyr

What an Unbelievable 2 days Training with Powder/Ombré Brows/Permanent Makeup🤗
I have learned some amazing Knowledge and skills after this Course which gives me confidence in upskilling my work 🏼 A Huge thank you to M Academy Ireland for their full professionalism and engagement at the highest level , precision and patience ( for me 🙈 ) . Because of you I am now one step ahead , I cannot wait to bring in my new skills to the salon 😘

Anna Soliman

Monika Matynia is not only a skilled PMU artist but an experienced international trainer and judge. She is a winner of The Irish Makeup Awards 2019. To cut a long story short - she is an incredibly talented and professional artist, and every time I'm amazed with her work! She's been my number 1 choice for over 3 years!


Joanna Iwanska

Monika is an amazing trainer, she has a lot of knowledge that she passes on in every possible way. I can recommend her as a PMU instructor with a clear conscience. She is also a warm and friendly person. She is an inspiration and a wonderful person. I hope to come back to her again❤️

Joanna Milak

Highly recommended , perfection and professionalism!!!
Monika Matynia ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

















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