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Welcome to M Academy!

Our talented team consists of certified international trainers and PMU artists who are some of the best artists in their industry. We work using the best equipment on the market and products of the highest quality to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

We closely cooperate with the best aesthetic medicine doctors and PMU trainers! We aim to make our Clients more beautiful and boost their confidence!

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☑️ World-class permanent make up procedures

☑️ PMU products

☑️ Professional PMU education (online and real-life courses)

☑️ Aesthetic medicine treatments

☑️ Aesthetic medicine training courses under the supervision of the best aesthetic medicine experts

We have trained so many students under our wings and supported them in building successful PMU career.

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Permanent make-up (PMU)

or micropigmentation

Permanent make up is the introduction of pigment into the skin, more precisely between the epidermis and the dermis, with the help of a needle and a special device, or a small blade consisting of several needles and a special pen, which is called microblading or PHI brows, if you prefer.

Permanent makeup guarantees a long-lasting beautifying effect. So that it emphasizes the natural beauty or corrects minor imperfections. Make-up should be in harmony with the natural features of the face, so the color, shade and intensity of the pigment should be carefully adjusted. Thanks to permanent makeup, your lips and eyes can look beautiful around the clock. You will save time in everyday make-up and get a perfect drawing that is impossible to make by yourself. But most of all, your eyes, eyebrows and lips will look beautiful in any situation (read more)

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine includes all the treatments and care aimed at helping your skin look resilient, firm and more youthful as you age, as well as addressing specific cosmetic issues like unwanted hair and wrinkles.

M - Academy provides a comprehensive approach to skin health tailored to your individual needs. We offer affordable non-surgical alternatives with an emphasis on preventative, maintenance, and corrective skin care.

In the field of cosmetic aesthetics there has never been so much choice and with choice comes confusion. Rest assured we are here to offer realistic unbiased advice and treat our patients needs catering to each individual. (learn more)


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