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Meet Me & Our Team

I am certified beautician with 12 years of experience, a certified permanent make-up artist from 5 years and a fully accredited trainer and distributor of Maderm Academy, trainer and distributor of Mezoderm Academy. Finalist 2018 irish hair and beauty awards and speeker on "Lets talk about pmu" conference 2019, speaker on the conference 2020 in Poznan and Warsaw. 2 times judge on the PMU Championship.

I am proudly winner of The Irish Make Up Awards 2019.

I started my adventure with permanent make-up with microblading. I began to love the profession and soon, it became my passion as well as my hobby. At this moment, I am capable of carrying out all of the methods of permanent make-up.

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Permanent make-up (PMU)

or micropigmentation

Method of depositing mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. With an needle and pigment, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes or lips is enhanced.

This treatment is known as permanent make-up or cosmetic tattooing. It is sometimes wrongly confused with cosmetic tattoos (e.g. eyebrow tattoos or eyeliner tattoos). However, the pigments used for permanent make-up have a different composition from tattoo inks. 

Micropigmentation devices are also more refined than tattoo machines, and

the techniques that are used are different. Permanent make-up allows you to subtly give features shape and definition to enhance natural beauty in both men and women.Besides boosting self-confidence, micropigmentation can also (read more)

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine includes all the treatments and care aimed at helping your skin look resilient, firm and more youthful as you age, as well as addressing specific cosmetic issues like unwanted hair and wrinkles.

M - Academy provides a comprehensive approach to skin health tailored to your individual needs. We offer affordable non-surgical alternatives with an emphasis on preventative, maintenance, and corrective skin care.

In the field of cosmetic aesthetics there has never been so much choice and with choice comes confusion. Rest assured we are here to offer realistic unbiased advice and treat our patients needs catering to each individual. (learn more)

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